Vietnamese embassy in Indonesia greets Laos on traditional New Year hinh anh 1At the gathering (Source:
Jakarta, (VNA) – Vietnamese Ambassador to Indonesia Hoang Anh Tuan has visited the Lao Embassy to congratulate the embassy’s diplomats and staff on their traditional New Year festival, Bun Pi May.

The Lao host greeted the ambassador and his companions with garlands of flowers, blessings and a “water spraying” ritual.

In a warm gathering, Lao Ambassador to Indonesia Phavanh Nuanthsing thanked his guests for their visit and wishes bringing lucks and joy to the Lao New Year 2560 in the Buddhist calendar.

He lauded the long-standing friendship between the two countries and hoped that the two embassies in Indonesia would further deepen the bilateral ties.

For his part, Ambassador Tuan wished Ambassador Phavanh and other Lao diplomats a New Year of happiness, health and prosperity and expected the two embassies would work their best to nurture the Vietnam-Lao relations.

The two sides later joined the “thread tightening” ritual, a traditional practice of Laos to pray for luck, health and success and enjoyed traditional foods and music performance of Vietnam and Laos.-VNA