Vietnamese folk songs echo throughout Berlin’s musical heart

Vietnamese folk songs have been performed for the first time ever by the German Chamber Choir, at the “Berliner Philharmonie”, one of the world’s premier concert halls. Let’s take a look!

The remarkable performance was part of the “Berlin - Hanoi 2023” music project, a collaborative endeavour between the Lichtenberger Piekfeine Töne German Chamber Choir and a Vietnamese folk music artist couple.

A number of Vietnamese folk songs were specifically arranged for German choirs by Professor and musician Dang Ngoc Long in Berlin, musician Jezzy Dạ Lam Huong Thao Nguyen in Munich, and conductor Katrin Hübner.

Vietnamese folk music has now been performed in European countries, international music festivals, stage plays, feature films, and elsewhere, underscoring how Vietnamese culture has joined with, and integrated into the world.

The concert attracted a large audience of Vietnamese people living in Germany and throughout Europe. Many travelled hundreds of kilometres to hear the German Chamber Choir perform these Vietnamese folk songs./.