Vietnamese in Algeria urged to strictly follow anti-pandemic regulations hinh anh 1Spraying disinfectant over a street in Algiers capital (Source: Xinhua/VNA)

Algiers (VNA) –
The Vietnamese Embassy in Algeria has asked all Vietnamese citizens to strictly abide by regulations on COVID-19 prevention in the host country since the situation is developing complicatedly.

By March 28 afternoon, Algeria recorded 45 more infection cases and three deaths, raising the nationwide tallies to 454 and 29, respectively.

The embassy requested Vietnamese citizens to refrain from going out but stay at home as much as possible, avoid gatherings of more than two people, and especially obey the curfew issued on March 23 in Algiers capital from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am until there is further notice.

Vietnamese expatriates were advised to proactively take preventive measures such as wearing face masks, washing hands regularly and avoiding close contact to protect themselves and their family members, and update their health status to the embassy for timely support.

The embassy also informed the overseas Vietnamese community and foreigners in Algeria about the Government’s new decision on entry into Vietnam, including the suspension of entry to all foreigners, excluding those entering for diplomatic and official purposes or for participation in major diplomatic events, experts, business managers or highly skilled workers.

However, those allowed to enter Vietnam will be subject to medical checks and mandatory 14-day quarantine.

From 12:00 on March 23, Vietnam has suspended the validity of all visa exemption certificates issued for Vietnamese residing overseas and their spouses and children.

The embassy also suggested Vietnamese citizens not return home at this time since many countries have imposed strict travel restrictions and many transit flights have been cancelled, leaving passengers stranded at airports. There is also a high risk of infection on planes, the embassy explained.

In case of necessity, Vietnamese citizens could contact the embassy via hotlines 213.23485470 and 213.557863076/ 213.553222812./.