Vietnamese in Macau gather to celebrate Lunar New Year hinh anh 1A performance at the gathering (Photo: VNA)

Hong Kong (VNA) – The Association of Vietnamese in Macau (China) held a gathering on February 14 to welcome the Year of the Ox with the participation of local authorities and the expatriate community.

Speaking at the event, head of the association Duong Trung Duc reviewed negative effects caused by COVID-19 for Vietnamese in Macau, saying many lost their jobs and others could not return home due to the postponement of commercial flights.

According to him, receiving assistance from the Vietnamese Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macau and recognition of the local administration, the association, established in November last year, has so far operated well and significantly supported Vietnamese expatriates in legal consultations, organisation of flights, and unemployment aid, among other aspects.  

The gathering aims at reminding the community about their responsibilities for the home country, particularly via building a good image of Vietnamese people overseas and making efforts to overcome obstacles and contribute to Vietnam.

Macau now hosts more than 22,000 from Vietnam or those of Vietnamese origin. The lion’s share of the number are people working as housemaids or at casinos./.