Eighteen sailors abroad the Vietnamese freighter, the Saigon Queen, which sank in waters off the Sri Lankan coast on October 30 have been rescued, while four others are still missing.

According to the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre in Colombo (MRCC Colombo), a Cyprus-flagged ship, the Pacific Skipper responded to calls for assistance and managed to save most of the crew.

The ship, owned by the Saigon VTB Joint Stock Company, sent an SOS call at 12:37 on October 30 (Vietnamese time) while it was sailing from Myanmar to India.

After receiving the SOS, Vietnam’s National Committee for Search and Rescue requested the Foreign Ministry to ask the Sri Lankan authorities to help the ship.

The search for the missing crewmen is being jointly coordinated by the Vietnam Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Centre and MRCC Colombo. /.