Vietnam's Viettel will play off against Malaysia in the opening match of the fifth annual Yamaha ASEAN under 13 Cup at the My Dinh National Stadium in Hanoi on October 4.

After four attempts, Vietnam only triumphed once in the annual competition when SHB Da Nang had chance to play on home turf in 2008.

This year, national champions SLNA (Song Lam Nghe An) are carrying the burden to take the title for Vietnam, they will play in the second match of the youth championship against the defending champions Thailand.

"We will take part in the tournament with the same team who won the national title. We will try our best to have a strong result and even do our best to win," SLNA coach Dau Minh Tam told Vietnam News.

SLNA's three players who performed outstandingly at the July's national tournament are expected to be key contributors to their team's success.

Midfielder Ta Quoc Tien was voted the championship's best player. Striker Luong Van Hung grabed the title of best scorer and Ho Viet Dai best goalkeeper.

Tam said he would go to see the Thai players training this morning come away with a suitable game plan. "We have no information about our rivals, Thailand, but I saw them today. They are under 13 but really big and tall, much more so than my players who are considered the smallest among all the athletes," he said.

This year's host team Viettel, silver medalists in the national championship, losing 1-2 to SLNA in the final – their only loss at the event, intend to get to the final match and win the cup this time round.

"I have called some players to strengthen the current team. Some intensive training plans have been added to their training routine since we received the invitation a month ago," said coach Nguyen Thang Long of Viettel.

"My players are still kids so we do not give them any targets which might make them experience undue stress or pressure. I think it is a chance for them to gain experience for their future football career, although of course in any competition we all want best result," he said.

According to national coach Hoang Van Phuc, Viettel is considered to be one of the best football clubs in Vietnam, with their squad enjoying the benefits of modern equipment, methodical training and a strict military like discipline, he said.

With six participants divided into two groups they will compete in a round-robin format with the two top teams advancing to the semi-final round. A group of six Japanese international referees have been invited to judge the matches.

The opening ceremony and opening match will be aired live on television and the final will be played on October 6.-VNA