VietnamPlus wins big at National Press Awards 2018 hinh anh 1Reporter Vo Manh Hung (VietnamPlus e-newspaper) receives A prize (Photo: Vietnam+)

Hanoi (VNA) - A total 106 excellent works of journalists nationwide were honoured at the 13th National Press Awards 2018 at a ceremony in Ha Noi on June 21, on the occasion of the 94th anniversary of the Viet Nam Revolutionary Journalism Day.

The event saw the participation of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, former Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh, former of National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung; Politburo member, standing member of the Communist Party of Viet Nam Central Committee’s Secretariat Tran Quoc Vuong; Politburo member, member of the Communist Party of Viet Nam Central Committee’s Secretariat,  head of the Party Central Committee’s Organisation Commission Pham Minh Chinh; and Politburo member, Secretary of the Communist Party of Viet Nam Central Committee, head of the Party Central Committee Commission for Popularisation and Education Vo Van Thuong, among others.

More discovering works in all aspects

From more than 1,800 entries, the National Press Awards Committee 2018 selected 106 outstanding works to present prizes, including six A prizes, 24 B prizes, 42 C prizes and 34 consolation prizes.

Journalist Thuan Huu - Editor-in-Chief of the Nhan Dan newspaper, Chairman of the Viet Nam Journalists Association, said these are outstanding works of content and form, with shaping public opinion and making a social impact.

VietnamPlus wins big at National Press Awards 2018 hinh anh 2Recipients of B prizes (Photo:Vietnam+)

At the 13th National Press Awards, the Vietnam News Agency Journalists Association won five prizes, including one A prize, one B prize and three C prizes.

On the quality of the entries, Chairman Thuan Huu said this year saw the progress of the journalists associations in provinces and cities. Many articles are good discoveries, reflecting hot issues, drawing on matters of public concern.

The works reflected the major political events of the country in 2018 (continue to implement the Resolution of the 12th National Congress of the Party, Resolution 04 on strengthening Party building and rectification, especially the fight against corruption and wastefulness; they also reflected outstanding economic, social and cultural issues (new style rural construction, agricultural restructuring, shortcomings in land management, black credit, prevention of bad information , building smart city, among others).

VietnamPlus wins big at National Press Awards 2018 hinh anh 3Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc addresses the function (Photo: Vietnam+)

Addressing the function, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc called on the mainstream press to strive to observe its basic tenets of accuracy, verification and speed in this era of growing social media presence and rampant toxic information.

Speaking of the difficulties facing the mainstream press from the intense competition of social media, the PM said that while social media has shown its positive impacts, it has also aided in the spreading of disinformation, unverified and fake news that are threatening to overtake mainstream media.
The mainstream press has become a robust and trusted force of the State and the Party on the forefront of information and communication, he stated.
Discovering and combating corruption, wastefulness, bureaucracy, political perversion and moral decline, especially among Party members and Government officials also need to be among the press’ highest priorities, he said.
However, the Vietnamese Government leader also urged members of the press to keep positive information in the public consciousness.
Fighting against negative phenomena must be done in a constructive manner and the press has the responsibility to highlight exemplary models to spread the positive, promote consensus in the public, nurture the ambition of a strong and thriving country, the PM noted.

VietnamPlus wins seventh consecutive award

At the 13th National Press Awards, VietnamPlus Electronic Newspaper won one A, one B prize and one C prize. This is the seventh consecutive time VietnamPlus has won prizes in the National Journalism Awards. Since 2012, VietnamPlus has won three A prizes, seven B prizes and five C prizes at the National Press Awards.

Specifically, the work “Toi ac duoi nhung tan rung xanh, cua dong nhung ruot van rong" (Crime under the green forest canopy ... The door is closed but the intestines are still empty) by Vo Manh Hung won A prize (News items, reflections, interviews, comments, talks, exchanges online on electronic newspaper).

In addition, B prize went to “Ho hi sinh cho nuoc ban hoi sinh” (They sacrifice for Cambodia to revive) (VietnamPlus journalists group). 

VietnamPlus wins big at National Press Awards 2018 hinh anh 4Reporter Tran Xuan Bach represents his group to receive B prize (Photo: Vietnam+)

The C Prize was awarded to “Ky su duong sat Bac Nam” (The North South railway narrative" (group authors from VietnamPlus)

The entire section of VietnamPlus posts were conveyed in a new and attractive form combining content with many effects on graphics, images, videos and videographics.

VietnamPlus wins big at National Press Awards 2018 hinh anh 5A representative of VietnamPlus receives C prize (Photo: Vietnam+)

Recently VietnamPlus decided to invest in long and elaborate articles to catch up the prominent trend of mainstream journalism across the world, to revive the value of content when readers gradually become bored by headlines which only aim to garner views./.