Made-in-Vietnam unmanned aerial vehicles successfully flew over the Central Highlands sky during a trial flight in Da Lat city, the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong on May 18.

The unmanned aircraft AV.UAV S2 carrying cameras, spectrometers and other necessary devices took off from the Cam Ly military air port at 9.05 am on the day.

During its flight in the sky of Da Lat city and Lac Duong district, the vehicle recorded films, took photographs, and measured natural land objects.

Earlier, the AV.UAV.S1 aircraft was also tested successfully. Both aircraft were flying automatically without ground control system.

Chau Van Minh, Director of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, said in this trial flight, the aircraft was equipped with several devices made by the Vietnam Science and Technology Academy .

The devices are expected to collect important information serving natural resource management and forest coverage calculation and other data.

This test flight will help scientists prepare better for the next tests scheduled for the central coastal areas.

It will also pave the way for made-in-Vietnam unmanned aircraft to perform other necessary tasks.

Six unmanned aerial vehicles are scheduled to fly continuously in three days in Lam Dong to record films on the conditions of forest and water resources in the province.

Over 10,000 high-resolution images taken by the vehicles will be compared to those taken by remote sensing satellites to help scientist collect most reliable data to serve their research.-VNA