In 2013, the mat weaving craft in Dinh Yen commune, Lap Vo district, Dong Thap was recognized as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage.

At that time, the commune had more than 3,000 households involved in this mat-weaving craft. Located next to the Hau River, this land has a lot of dunes and floodplain that are suitable for growing all kinds of materials for mat production. Since the 1920s, the mat weaving craft had appeared in Dinh Yen.

The most prosperous and developed time for the craft village was in the 1980s. Their products were exported to Eastern Europe countries, Thailand and Cambodia. There are still many skilled elders in the commune. According to a long time artisan in An Binh hamlet, in order to weave a mat, the artisan has to choose the sedge threads that are neither not too big nor too soft.

The sedge threads then are dried under the sun from 30 minutes to an hour before being dyed in boiling water. After that, the sedge threads continue to be sun-dried for another day before being weaved.

When the weaving process is finished, the artisan then takes the mat to cut off its edge, tie up the threads and dry them under the sun again. Tourists visiting Dong Thap can easily find their way to Dinh Yen commune.

The vivid colors of their raw materials being displayed along sides of the road are the most noticeable feature of this craft village./.