Hanoi (VNA) – The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has made an official request for all payment service providers to facilitate visually impaired people as well as others with disabilities when they want to open a bank account and get a bank card.

In Document No. 8343/NHNN-TT dated November 2, 2018, the central bank asks the providers to review their procedures and application a customer is required to lodge in for a bank account and bank card, in consideration of difficulties the people with visual impairs or other disabilities may face to make the application.

The SBV wants the providers to adopt new procedures and provide exclusive guidelines for those people to do so.

The payment service providers are also requested to train their staff and managers on how to properly help visually impaired people to apply for a bank account and bank card. They are recommended to take into account the challenges facing the disabled people in providing necessary information and papers for the process and warn these customers about risks associated with the use of the bank account and bank card.

They must also coordinate closer with other members of the Vietnam Banks Association to exchange information on difficulties and problems confronting the disabled people in opening and using bank accounts and bank cards, and share with each other proper guidelines to instruct these people. –VNA