A Vietnamese delegation headed by Deputy Foreign Minister Le Luong Minh attended the third preparatory meeting for the second Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) in New Delhi on Jan. 16-17.

The Vietnamese delegation joined representatives from 46 countries and many international organisations in discussing and agreeing on the fifth draft joint declaration, the agenda and preparations for the Nuclear Security Summit to be held in Seoul from March 26-27.

Speaking at the preparatory meeting, India Foreign Secretary Ranjan Mathai stressed that the NSS will focus on the prevention of nuclear terrorism risk and measures to cope with nuclear terrorist elements and prevent non-state elements from access to materials, technologies and information relating to nuclear.

The NSS will discuss measures to promote nuclear safety and security, which has become an urgent issue after the twin disasters in Japan last March.
The first NSS was held in Washington in April 2010 under the initiative of President Barack Obama./.