A delegation from Vietnam ’s Academy of Social Sciences led by Nguyen Xuan Thang, the Academy’s President, is visiting China from Apr. 8-12.

On Apr. 9, Thang met with the President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chen Huiyuan.

They both agreed that besides other fields, cooperation in social sciences between the two countries is an important part of Vietnam and China ’s strategic partnership and needs to be strengthened in the future.

They exchanged views on current issues, including the development of new models of growth and financial and monetary reforms.

They agreed that both countries could refer to each others’ experience as China is in the process of changing its methods of development and Vietnam is restructuring its economy to adapt to the changing international environment.

They agreed to organise an annual science forum to share their experience in ensuring social welfare, narrowing income gap, promoting sustainable development and issues on climate change, financial and banking reforms, the restructuring of State-owned enterprises, cultural reforms and social management.

While in Beijing the Vietnamese delegation met with a delegation from China ’s Reform Forum led by Vice Chairman Li Qun Ru.

The officials exchanged views on issues relating to the changes in China ’s economic development and Vietnam ’s economic restructuring.

They agreed that the nature of the changes represent adjustments of the three-dimensional relationship between the State, the market and society, to make it suitable for each nation in the new international circumstances, especially under impacts of the financial crisis and economic slowdown.

The Vietnamese delegation will also make a fact-finding tour of Zhejiang province.-VNA