The Prime Minister has approved the National Strategy on Cultural Diplomacy through 2020, targeting more diverse and effective activities and promote Vietnamese cultural values around the world.

As stipulated in the strategy, Vietnamese culture days, weeks, tourism festivals and promotions abroad will be increased, while the presence of Vietnam at world events, including EXPO, Biennale, and famous film festivals will be amplified.

Greater efforts should be made to develop the country’s cultural industry, build national cultural symbols and cultural product brand names, and increase the market share of products in the global market.

International art festivals will be hosted by Vietnam, creating opportunities for Vietnamese audiences to access diverse global culture and art offerings while affirming Vietnam ’s capacity in event organisation and boosting its status in the world arena.

These activities will be prioritised in neighbouring countries, ASEAN, and strategic partners in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America through 2020. Meanwhile, cultural promotions will be maintained and expanded in South America, the Middle East and Africa, according to the strategy.

By 2030, international cultural relations are expected to have deepened, expanding relationships with countries, territories and international cultural organisations and agencies. Vietnam also hopes to have further fostered cultural activities in South America, the Middle East, Africa, and other far-flung areas.-VNA