Delegates at the ongoing 11th National Women’s Congress elected the 163-member Executive Committee of the Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) on March 13.

The 11th VWU Executive Committee conducted the first session on the afternoon of the same day.

Earlier, participants put forward solutions to improve the quality of women’s movements and activities and discussed in groups the political report and amended and supplemented VWU regulations.

On March 14, the last day of the congress, the delegates are expected to adopt VWU regulations and the congress resolution, set targets for the 2012-2017 term and report the results of the first session of the 11th VWU Executive Committee.

In the 2012-2017 tenure, the VWU said it will focus its campaigns and operations on uniting and mobilising women to tap their internal strength, proactively take part in socio-economic development and national defence, build happy families, and improve women’s spiritual and material lives.

The union also plans to make its organisation strong to perform its key role in women’s work and the implementation of gender equality.

Breakthroughs will be made in mobilising women to develop production, practise thrift and reduce poverty; building regulations on the union’s responsibilities in women’s work and policies on developing female resources; and raising the quality of the union’s official line, especially at the central and grassroots levels./.