Vietnam News Agency (VNA) General Director Tran Mai Huong was among 150 chiefs and senior staff from 68 news agencies to attend the opening of the third World Congress of News Agencies in Buenos Aires on Oct. 19.

President of the host country, Argentine, Cristina Fernandez highlighted the accuracy of news in the internet era. She called on news agencies to play an active role in the battle against lopsided and subjective information while speeding up modernisation of their operations in order to catch up with the constantly evolving world.

Alex Grijelmo, President of the Spanish News Agency (EFE) and Chairman of the World Council of News Agencies asked participants to consider a deal on copyright among major news providers in an effort to curb rampant illegal republication.

News agencies were reported as providers of two-thirds of daily world news.

The VNA delegation, led by General Director Huong, is expected to hold meetings with foreign counterparts on the sidelines of the third World Congress of News Agencies, which is due to close on October 22, to boost bilateral cooperation./.