Voters urge concerted solutions to enhance protection of children hinh anh 1NA deputies watch a video clip during the debate session (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi,  (VNA) – The May 27 debate at the National Assembly about the implementation of laws and policies on children protection has attracted great attention of the public in Hanoi.

Diep Nang Binh, a lawyer at the Tinh Thong Luat law office, noted that children’s rights have been promoted and the Party and State have continued to provide the best for children, including constantly revising and adjusting laws and policies to suit new requirements arising in the work of children protection and education.

At the same time, he pointed to shortcomings in the work, citing reports of the NA’s supervisory team on the abuse of children, the large number of children who have to work, the situation of abandoned children, or child marriage.

The lawyer said a number of stipulations in the Law on Children and other related laws have not been fully enforced due to a lack of timely and specific guidance, and punishments on violations are not strict enough to serve as deterrence. Besides, investment in children protection has not met the needs in child care and education.

More concerted efforts are needed to enhance the protection of children, Binh said, recommending promoting communication, education and consultation on children protection targeting both parents, family members and children.

He called for investment in children protection services, particularly those helping early detect, prevent and urgently interfere in cases when children are under threat of abuse and violence. Besides public services provided by the State, it is necessary to encourage private services in this field under strict monitoring.

A lecturer at the Hanoi University, Nguyen Viet Phuong, said the rapid development of information technology that breeds complicated hi-tech crimes has put children under the increasing risk of abuse, while Vietnam is yet to have legal regulations in this field. He urged the quick building of legal documents in this regard.

“The issue of safety for children, especially at public places, schools, society and the cyberspace, must be made the focus, in order to reduce the abuse of children,” he said./.