The World Bank (WB) Board of Directors has approved 202.5 million USD in credit to support sustainable development in the central city of Da Nang.

The credit is being provided under the Da Nang Sustainable City Development Project to help improve the city’s drainage systems and arterial roads, upgrade the public transport system and enhance the city government’s urban management capacity.

World Bank Country Director for Vietnam Victoria Kwakwa said she hopes that the project will create a good model for a “green city” and sustainable urban development to inspire similar development in other cities across Vietnam . She added that the strong leadership and close monitoring of the Da Nang People's Committee will ensure the project’s smooth implementation so Da Nang residents can enjoy the advanced infrastructure of a sustainable city.

Da Nang is Vietnam ’s fourth largest city and is widely regarded as a being well-planned and well governed, with a higher quality of infrastructure compared to other cities in the country. Municipal leaders have committed to developing Da Nang into a “green” city by 2025, with an emphasis on high-tech industries and tourism.-VNA