Free wi-fi services will soon be available on trains and at major stations on the rail route between northern and southern Vietnam.

The Vietnam Railways Corporation has asked the Hanoi Railway Passenger Transport Company to carry out a pilot test by installing free wi-fi on the SE1/2 train on the Hanoi-Ho Chi Minh City route. The company will study the results of the test and learn by experience before installing the service on other trains, to provide the best service to passengers.

The firm will co-operate with Viettel over one-to-three months to survey the wi-fi installations on trains and the telecommunications poles along the track.

According to its plan, the railways will set up free wi-fi services at seven major stations in the country to meet the public demand. Under the plan, the Hanoi Railway Station has been selected as the first station to get the wi-fi service installed.

This is one of the projects meant to increase the service quality and business effectiveness of the industry.

Earlier, in September 2013, the Saigon Railway Station installed free wi-fi to help passengers use the Internet while waiting to purchase tickets or to catch trains. This is the beginning of a project that will install free wi-fi at four major stations in southern Vietnam, including Nha Trang and Dieu Tri.-VNA