Higher employee bonuses will be given this year in Vietnam as a result of better business performance, the recruiting website JobStreet.com has found.

The survey, which polled 6,190 employees and 677 companies in March, said the average bonus would be equivalent to 1.3 times the monthly salary.

More than 35 percent of polled companies said they planned to offer higher bonuses this year because of improved business conditions.

Companies in the manufacturing, IT and hospitality sectors will offer bonuses equal to 1.28-1.3 times the monthly salary.

The average bonus offered by companies in finance and banking will be 1.8-2 times the monthly salary.

Nearly 53 percent of companies have made no change in salary and bonus policies.

Fifty two percent of polled employees said their salary increased below three percent. Other 17.65 percent of employees said they had received a salary rise of 4-6 percent.

Nearly 60 percent of polled employees said they intended to find a new job this year.-VNA