A workshop on sexual and reproductive health rights of young people as stipulated in the draft revised Law on Young People took place on December 21 in Hanoi, focusing on that of disadvantaged groups.

Officials from Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Home Affairs, the UN Population Fund and experts in the field joined 60 young people representing students, the disabled, migrant workers, homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals who are living and working in the capital city.

At the event, representatives from homosexual, bi-sexual and transsexual groups said these groups have limited access to sexual and reproductive health information and urged improving sex education at school. They also voiced their concerns about discrimination even in family and schools, calling for more specific regulations in sub-law documents to prevent discrimination against those groups.

Representatives from the group of migrant labourers underscored the fact that while accounting for about 60-70 percent of the workforce, these labourers usually have unstable jobs with low income. As a result, most of them lack basic knowledge on sexual and reproductive health, putting them at high risks of violence, unsafe abortions and sexually transmitted diseases.

Participants to the event discussed ways to ensure the inclusion of all groups of young people in policies on sexual and reproductive health care.

Organized by the Ministry of Home Affair’s Youth Affairs Department, the forum aimed to connect young people directly with policy makers and give them an opportunity to contribute ideas to the Youth Law (reviewed).-VNA