Yellow apricot tree collection sets world record

A collection of ten yellow apricot trees, including one more than 100 years old, belonging to a man in the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap, has set a world record for its unique values, which is a rare win for Vietnam in the field of ornamental trees.

With great passion, Vu Duc Dong, born in 1972 in Sa Dec city, has spent decades and over 870,000 USD on creating and caring for his ten special trees.

Freshly accredited by the World Records Union (WorldKings), his collection features a 2-metre-tall tree more than 100 years old, whose trunk is gold-inlaid with the words “Tue Sam” - the names of Dong’s parents. Its nine roots rising above the ground represent images of nine dragons.

Dong’s collection includes his “Tue Sam” yellow apricot tree and nine other apricot trees, each of which has a unique appearance and story.

Along with the yellow apricot trees, Dong’s ficus pisocarpa trees hold Vietnam and Asia records, while his ficus malacocarpa and peach trees hold Vietnam records.

His ornamental trees are not only a great source of pleasure for Dong but also contribute to honouring all Vietnamese trees./.