Younger generation show off patriotism

During the war, young people showed their undying love for the Fatherland, and were ready to sacrifice their lives for national independence. Nowadays, young people have found another way to show their love in small ways.

Huyen – a Vietnamese national living overseas - has chosen to wear the traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai for her wedding photoshoot. This is a way for Huyen to show her husband the beauty of her national culture.

It is for that reason that even in the US, Huyen has always worked with her husband to make traditional Vietnamese dishes.

For handicapped people, the love for the homeland is always tremendous and is reflected by the determination and will to make contributions to society such as spreading humanity and kindness within the community.

In peacetime, the enthusiasm, patriotism and pride of the youth have been transformed into small actions such as trying to study, preserve the environment, and promote Vietnamese tourism, culture and images to international friends.

Today's young generation has the opportunity to integrate with the world, so sometimes many important values are forgotten. However, the love for the Fatherland and national pride are  imprinted in the hearts and minds of every person and are expressed through everyday actions./.