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Thai army hunts supermarket-bombing suspects

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Scene of the blast that wounded more than 60 people outside a supermarket in the Thai southern town of Pattani on May 9 (Photo: the

Bangkok (VNA) -
Thailand's military announced on May 10 that it is hunting four suspects of a car bomb that wounded more than 60 people outside a supermarket in the southern town of Pattani.

The Thai southern region is a Muslim-majority border area, which have been inflicted by violence for over a decade. The Pattani bombing on May 9, during which a small device and a car bomb went off outside a busy supermarket, is the largest attack for months on a civilian target.

Colonel Pramote Prom-in, spokesman for the southern army, said the investigation focuses on two people who allegedly rode up on a motorbike to drop off the first device and two others who left the car bomb outside the supermarket.

He added the culprits intended to commit a mass murder and destroy the economy.

Authorities said 20 victims of the blast are still in hospital on May 10.

No networks of militants have yet to claim responsibility for the attack.-VNA
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