More than 1,000 domestic and international doctors came together at the 2014 National Ophthalmology Conference, which opened in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak on October 30.

The three-day event, organised by the Vietnam Ophthalmological Society (VOS), provides a chance for experts to share experiences and the latest research on blindness prevention, eye treatment and surgery.

Dozens of reports on blindness and eye care targets for 2020 were presented during the plenary session. Experts suggested increasing cataract surgery, lowering the rate of refractive errors, and limiting the complications of diabetes.

According to VOS, 3.1 percent of Vietnamese people suffer from blindness, including 409,000 people over the age of 50. Meanwhile, around 3 million children have refractive eye disorders, and the number of glaucoma and diabetes patients is increasing.

Last year, nearly 200,000 people received cataract surgery and over 43,000 people were treated for glaucoma.

The ophthalmology sector strives to reduce the ratio of blindness in over-50-year-olds to 2.35 percent in 2019 and set up eye 8-9 care centres for children.-VNA