Construction on a 2 billion USD entertainment complex is scheduled to commence in Ben Luc commune, the Mekong Delta province of Long An in January, 2011.

The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Khang Thong Group held a press briefing on the Vietnam Happyland on September 6 in Hanoi.

The complex will be a combination of local and modern features along with an exhibition centre, large-scale trade centre, 3-5 star hotels, water park, dance hall, indoor and outdoor theatres, cultural centre, art museum and urban area. It is designed to receive 14 million visitors a year.

Pham Van Tran, Director of Long An provincial Culture, Sport and Tourism Department said the project will boost the service industry in the province to 36 percent by 2020 and generate about 10,000 jobs.

The complex is scheduled to open on April 24, 2014./.