The first international conference on the application of 4G (fourth generation) long-term evolution (LTE) in the greater Mekong subregion opened in Hanoi on March 26.

Organised by the Ministry of Information and Communication, the International Data Group (IDG) ASEAN, and the Vietnam Internet Association, the event drew nearly 400 experts, managers, and representatives from the telecom markets in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and a selection of European and American countries.

LTE, marketed as 4G LTE, refers to the wireless communication of high-speed data used by mobile phones and data terminals.

Vietnam has allowed businesses to run 4G LTE trials since 2010, and plans to grant 4G licences in early 2016 with the target of effectively utilising frequency bands, increasing application capacity and sharing the internet connection to create a healthy and competitive telecom environment, said Deputy Minister of Information and Technology Le Nam Thang.

The workshop creates an outlet for participants to exchange opinions on the State management and utilisation of the 4G LTE technology, granting 4G licences, and deploying 4G with over the top (OTT) services, so as to ensure a sustainable telecommunication market.

Experts will focus their discussions on how to optimise technology and save costs while still building a standard 4G technology infrastructure, as well as the development and management of digital content services based on a 4G platform, and ways to attract 4G subscribers via healthcare, education-training, and transport services.

Vietnam has invested in 3G development since 2009. After five years of implementation, the number of Vietnamese 3G subscribers has increased to nearly 29 million from 7 million, according to the data issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications’ telecommunication department in January 2015.

The 3G technology now covers all cities and provinces as well as sea, island and border areas across the country.

During the workshop there will be an exhibition showing off the latest 4G technology and products.-VNA