The Mekong Delta province of Tra Vinh has been working on a 145 billion (6.81 million USD) project to provide clean water for poor Khmer households in the locality.

Tra Vinh is home to a huge number of Khmer people. According to a recent local report, more than 15,000 poor Khmer households in the province are facing difficulties in accessing clean water.

To improve the situation, the provincial centre for water supply and environment sanitation has planned to build seven water supply stations in seven poor villages by 2015.

More than 9,000 Khmer households are expected to benefit, while over 4,500 other households living in remote areas will get an aid of 1.3 million VND each to drill well or build water contains for themselves.

So far, Tra Vinh has constructed 256 clean water supply stations, including 188 stations serving more than 16,000 Khmer households.-VNA