The Government plans to allocate more than 20 trillion VND (952 million USD) from the State Budget to support 16 projects that form part of National Target programmes in 2013.

More than 18.6 trillion VND (885 million USD) of the total will come from internal capital sources with the remaining amount coming from foreign capital.

The plan was revealed at the closing meeting of the 12th session of the National Assembly's Standing Committee on October 18.

Members present at the meeting discussed 13 current National Target Programme projects in the areas of communication, supervision, evaluation and capacity enhancement.

The NA's Finance and State Budget Committee agreed with the Government's proposal to continue implementing these projects from 2012-15.

The committee also agreed to reduce the investment capital for these 13 projects from around 14 trillion VND (667 million USD) by more than 2 trillion VND (95 million USD) after reviewing the content of each project.

The Government was requested to allocate 15 trillion VND (714 million USD) to two sustainable poverty reduction projects.

Many deputies also called for the Government to review its programme implementation process and financial sources in order to find an explanation for the slow process of many on-going projects.-VNA