Truong Sa (Spratlys), a sacred land between the sea and sky, is not only a garrison where soldiers have protected the territorial waters of the country for centuries, it is also the homeland for many people, where many children are born, where love grows with the pride of being Vietnamese people.

Coming to Truong Sa today, few people know that there are 131 days of storms each year and 13-20 days of strong winds each month. But no matter how big a wave or a wind is, the land here is always full of vitality.

Across the floating islands and the submerged islands of the Spratlys, the greenness is covered widely. It is the green of vitality, faith, and hope. People talking under the canopies of symbolic trees of the Spratlys like bang vuong (tropical almond tree) and phong ba (velvetleaf soldier bush), green vegetable gardens, swarms of pigs and chickens falling asleep, all these peaceful images look like the vibrant landscape of the countryside.

Despite the hardships and extreme natural disasters, the vitality in Truong Sa is getting stronger. The holy land is always in the hearts of millions of people who always think towards the beloved sea and islands.

Every day, in addition to the task of guarding the airspace and waters, the navy soldiers also produce, save pure water, spend time for vegetable cultivation, raising poultry and cattle, and fishing to supply fresh food for themselves.

In the mainland, growing vegetables is so normal and popular. However, in the middle of the vast sea where there are only sea sand, sun, wind, and coral, lacking freshwater, it’s a miracle to have lush green vegetable gardens on the islands. In fact, to have fresh vegetables, the soldiers have different ways to grow depending on the characteristics of each island.

On the islands like An Bang and Sinh Ton Dong, each year people harvested more than 6 tonnes of green vegetables, thereby ensuring that the soldiers on the islands have enough vegetables for daily meals./.

Not only growing vegetables and trees, the soldiers on Truong Sa also raise poultry and cattle effectively and by doing so they improved the quality of daily meals. This help to keep soldiers on Truong Sa healthy, so they can complete their missions./.