The Ministry of Planning and Investment said the draft national action plan on green growth was built with the new context and existing strategies and plans taken into account so as to ensure the compatibility, complementarity, and feasibility of green growth measures when they are carried out in each sector and the entire economy.

According this draft, the ministry will be the coordinating body for green growth, and its minister will act as head of the national steering committee on green growth.

In last October, the Prime Minister adopted the national green growth strategy for 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050.

This strategy aims to help promote economic restructuring in tandem with growth model reform, and achieve economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, and social equality. It also looks to obtain a green and carbon-neutral economy to help with efforts in curbing global warming.

To that end, Vietnam will have to further accelerate the green growth strategy implementation and translate the strategy into an action plan./.