A painting exhibition featuring 40 art works by six artists from different Egyptian cities and regions opened in Hanoi on October 8.

The name ‘Egyptian Features’ tells it all as visitors to the exhibition can view the country's typical features through both abstract and realistic works of arts depicting life, people, typical ancient structures, cultural and daily activities.

The presentation "language" and the use of colours are also pretty diversified.

Half of the exhibits are paintings by "the prominent artist Ahmed El-Ganainy who symbolises a talented generation of Egyptian artists" as described by the Egyptian Ambassador to Vietnam , Reda El Taify, at the opening.

El-Ganainy has had many personal and group exhibitions and the drawings brought him a number of awards at home and abroad. He is also the author of various studies on plastic arts.

"We all know that art is the emotional bridge to connect. We have six painters from Egypt – a country with 7,000 years of civilisation – so hopefully you can identify with their feelings," said El-Ganainy.

The painter's exhibits are works of oil, acrylic and aquarell on arch paper. His paintings feature images with contrasting colours like red against blue, black against orange, creating a feeling of joy that life is simple but beautiful.

"Aquarell is very sensitive and not easy to play with, so I needed to apply a special technique to loosen it," said El-Ganainy.

If carefully viewed, one will recognise that El-Ganainy stylises Egyptian language characters on the backdrop of some paintings. In such works as "dancing", hidden words are interpreted like poem rhythms in both Vietnamese and English on a separate piece of paper besides the painting, enabling viewers to fully enjoy the work.

The exhibition is among a number of cultural activities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Egypt . It remains open until October 13 at the Vietnam Exhibition Centre for Culture and Arts, 2 Hoa Lu Street, Hanoi.-VNA