An exhibition of art works in different genres, depicting Vietnamese navy personnel and their life on the sea and islands, was inaugurated on July 21 in Hanoi.

Titled “Firmly Defending National Seas and Islands”, the exhibition comprises 55 paintings, graphic works and sculptures by artists of various generations from the Vietnam University of Fine Arts, formerly known as the Indochina College of Fine Arts.

"Culture and art are also battles in which the artists are soldiers. Their works – which the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum will present to the public – portray and reiterate the patriotism and national pride that each individual has," director of the museum and sculptor Phan Van Tien said at the inauguration ceremony.

"Additionally, the works appeal for the support of peace-loving friends from all over the world to raise their voices for Vietnam's territorial sovereignty," he added.

The works in lacquer, oil, silk, pastel colours, water colours, ink, bronze and wood carvings showcase diverse languages and styles.

A common thread reportedly running through the art works is the artists' heartfelt affection for the personnel who work and live on the sea.

"The works have been created by different generations of artists, and showcase our long-standing tradition of patriotism and fight against foreign invaders, and our thorough and abiding awareness of national sovereignty," noted painter Tran Khanh Chuong said.

"Hence, the issues of seas, islands and national sovereignty are not just something of the past, but of the present too. The protection of national sovereignty, therefore, is in the hands of both the present and the future generations. The exhibits convey a clear message to all of us about our responsibility," he added.

The exhibits vividly illustrate the lives the steadfast and heroic navy personnel lead, no matter whether it is day or night. Regardless of the difficulties they face, they are determined to protect national sovereignty and maintain the natural beauty of the seas and islands.

The brush strokes and sculptures at the exhibition will deepen the understanding of the visitors about the romantic and peaceful nature of life on the islands, and about fishermen who strive hard for their livelihood.

The exhibition runs till July 29 at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum in Hanoi.-VNA