Art Vietnam Gallery to celebrate life through art hinh anh 1Persistence Growth, a sculpture by Nguyen Huu Tram Kha.

Hanoi (VNA) -
In a world reeling with political fractures, environmental disasters, spiritual confusion, and economic and familial breakdown, art holds its unique place, Suzanne Lecht, owner of Art Vietnam Gallery, said.

Lecht, a curator of Bold Strokes, an event to celebrate the contemporary art in Vietnam which gathers many Vietnamese and foreign artists, said art is also a beacon of awareness and a place of refuge.

A reception with the participation of many emerging artists and art lovers is due to take place on May 11 night at the Art Vietnam Gallery.

Lecht said she selected the best works in the collections of the gallery to showcase the brightest evolution of art coming out of Vietnam today.

The artworks displayed are made from various materials, including The ForeFinger 2015 sculpture by Tran Tuan from Hue which was recently presented in The Land of Distortion exhibition at the Bildmusset Museum in Sweden; calligraphic works of the avant garde Zenei Gang of Five, and the photo series by Nguyen The Son.

The installation artworks by Nguyen Manh Hung, The Meeting (2015) and Checkpoint (2014), continue to delight with his sardonic, humorous depictions of a country shifting from an ancient, traditional culture headlong into modern day commercialism.

Many video works include Another Place across the River (2013) by Truong Cong Tung from HCM City, Mao Khe (2001) by Tran Luong which depicts the harsh conditions of the coal miners and a video by Bui Cong Khanh that exposes modern day life and the struggle for existence in a rapidly changing world.

Foreign artists who have lived and worked in Vietnam for a long time will present their highlighted works to express their point of view about the emerging society where the integration and cultural exchange occur every day.

They are Donald Damask, a fine printmaker from New York, Simon Redington (the United Kingdom) with oil on canvas reflecting sombre past; Maritta Nurmi (The Netherlands) with shimmery silver leaf surfaces framed in textiles with images of the leaves of the frangipani trees, commonly found at the entrance of all pagodas, lead us into a contemplation of the world beyond the physical realm.

Lolo Zazar (France) with creations of wooden sculpted Zodiac animals covered in photos of the old walls of Hanoi present a modern, playful twist; Jorge Rivera (Spain) with sculptures of parts of the Honda Dream motorbike and Sebastien Laval (France) with photos of urban cities.

David Thomas, artist and founder of the Indochina Arts Partnership in Boston, has brought over 100 artists from Vietnam for residencies in the US and presented numerous exhibitions in his effort to expose Vietnamese art.

Catherine Karnow from the United States will showcase photographs reflecting the unique perspective of the consummate insider and are evocative of a country opening its arms to the international world.

“We would like to honour all of the artists of Vietnam and foreign artists living in Vietnam who have contributed so much to the global understanding of a very unique and dynamic country,” Lecht said.

The collections will be open to the public until the end of this month at the Art Vietnam Gallery, 24 Ly Quoc Su Street, Hanoi.-VNA