The 27 th Asia-Pacific Roundtable Conference with the theme “Strategising change in Asia” is being held in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia from June 3-5.

Addressing the event, Malaysia ’s Prime Minister Najib Razak called on Asian countries to strengthen their cooperation to tackle issues that could hamper regional growth and development.

After the recent financial crisis in Europe, the world’s focus has shifted to Asia , an area attracting “brains”, increasing capital and resources, he added.

However, he also pointed out three major challenges in Asia - climate change, conflicts in the region and finding a sustainable development path.

Najib Razak said regional countries need to strengthen their cooperation commitment to address such issues, as well as step up their relations with other countries.

The Malaysian PM said climate change - the biggest challenge - has not only changed weather patterns but also affected water and food security.

He also urged Asian countries to rely on diplomatic solutions to address potential conflicts in the region.

Furthermore, he said Asian development must bring economic opportunity for all, which not only focus on GDP growth but essential social infrastructure.-VNA