The National Office of Intellectual Property under the Ministry of Science and Technology has recognised the protection of geographical indications for salt – a product of the Mekong Delta province of Bac Lieu.

According to Huynh Minh Hoang, director of the provincial Department of Science and Technology, the protection is granted to salt produced in areas of Vinh Thinh and Vinh Hau communes in Hoa Binh district, and Long Dien Dong, Long Dien Tay and Dien Hai communes in Dong Hai district, where the natural conditions are favourable for salt production.

Since the 18 th century, Bac Lieu solar salt has been famous for its high proportions of Natri Clorua, Magnesium, Calcium and a low ratio of sulphate, making it moreish.

Making salt is a traditional trade of people in Hoa Binh and Dong Hai districts of Bac Lieu. The product has been used widely in Vietnam and exported to some countries, mostly Japan.

The protection of geographical indications for Bac Lieu salt is expected to enhance the trademark of the product in both domestic and foreign markets.-VNA