An arts programme with the theme “Going to the Land of Folk Love Duets ” will be held in the northern province of Bac Ninh on February 13.

The event aims to preserve and popularise Quan Ho singing (folk love duets). It will re-enact the traditional love duet culture with well-known and familiar folk songs.

Quan Ho, which was recognised as an Intangible Culture Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in September 2009, is an art form that combines various elements, including music, lyrics, costume and a unique style of singing that reflects the close relationship between the singers. The rich and diverse tunes and fine lyrics of the songs portray a zest for life and the distinctive cultural features of people in the region formerly called Kinh Bac.

According to schedule, the programme will be televised live on the national TV channels of VTV1 and VTV4 and Bac Ninh Television on the evening of January 13./.