In recent years, the brand of Ban Ven - Yen The tea is gradually becoming more popular. This product is manufactured and processed by elaborate traditional methods, so it has very high quality.

With the advantages of hilly terrains, along with the cool climate of the highlands, the tea plants grow very well here. People can harvest the tea up to 9-10 times per year with the average yield is about 10 tons per hectare.  

The Ven villagers are constantly seeking for new ways to lessen the workload of growing and caring for their tea plants. Previously, they had to carry water from afar to water the plants, but now there is an irrigation system.

After being harvested, the tea leaves will be sun-dried and then soaked and carefully selected. Then, qualified tea leaves are put into the oven heated at a moderate temperature to give them their fragrance.

Yen The tea is gradually asserting its position to become one of Bac Giang's specialties./.