Banh mi - Pride of Vietnamese street food

“Banh Mi”, a street food deeply imprinted on the minds of many Vietnamese people, has become a source of national pride. Thanks to creativity in cooking method, the simple street food is now found among high-end dishes in restaurants and even 5-star hotels.

Stephen Wright, an Australian citizen, is a big fan of Vietnamese bread. Having lived and worked in Vietnam for many years, his favourite food is always banh mi. On the restaurant menu at the Sheraton Hotel, where he works, banh mi is a key dish to serve to diners.

A delicious loaf of crusty banh mi has meat fillings and thinly-sliced cucumbers, pickles, coriander, chili, and pâté. The dish can be found on almost every street corner in big cities and tiny towns in the countryside. 

Vietnamese people can eat banh mi anytime, anywhere. From Hanoi to Hai Phong or Hoi An, each banh mi chef is a master of their own recipes. 

In 2013, the renowned National Geographic magazine voted banh mi one of the top 11 best street foods in the world. In 2016, the popular dish, along with “bun cha” and “pho”, appeared on the list of 100 famous dishes around the world. Since 2022, banh mi has had a day for itself./.