Beautify your life with clay flowers hinh anh 1A vase of gerbera daisy flowers made from clay (Photo: VNA)
Mother nature offers people flowers as a gift to make their life more beautiful and fresh. Naturally, flowers bloom and fade over time. As such, people make artificial flowers from different kinds of materials, such as silk, paper, plastic and even clay.

Originating in Japan, the art of making clay flowers is widespread in the Republic of Korea, Thailand and Malaysia.  First introduced to Vietnam in 2007, the art has attracted much attention from Vietnamese enthusiasts.
Beautify your life with clay flowers hinh anh 2Huong Thuy, an experienced clay flower maker in Hanoi (Photo: VNA)

According to Huong Thuy, an experienced clay flower maker, a special kind of clay is used to make flowers and it plays a decisive role in making flowers beautiful and durable.

“The colour will be best matched with the clay with good quality. It will also be easier for the artisans to form petals with this clay,” said Thuy, who is also the owner of Huong Thuy clay flower shop.

“We often use clay made in Japan and Thailand to make the flowers,” she added. 

Beautify your life with clay flowers hinh anh 3Molding the clay (Photo: VNA)

The art of making clay flowers requires makers’ delicacy, dexterity and creativeness as there are many steps, from mixing clay, molding the petals, the leaves, painting, kneading the bud, to assembling the various pieces into whole flowers to make them look realistic. It is the artistic skills of the makers that turn lifeless clay into beautiful flowers.
Thuy further said every step, such as mixing colours, kneading buds or forming the petals is equally important.

“If each piece of the flower is not beautiful, the whole flower won’t be either. The artisans must pay attention to each step, especially creating the petals and mixing colours,” Thuy told VNA reporter.

Beautify your life with clay flowers hinh anh 4The completed petals (Photo: VNA)

She also revealed that to keep the flower’s durability and avoid humidity’s influence, each petal is coated with a thin layer of paint. The supported steel wire is replaced by a stainless one to keep the flowers more eye-catching.

Thanks to their durability which can be last up to seven years, clay flowers have been chosen as decorations in houses or workplaces as well as for presents to friends.
Beautify your life with clay flowers hinh anh 5Customers at the clay flower shop (Photo: VNA)

Nguyen Thi Thao from Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi came to buy a jar of lotus flowers as a gift for her friends who are now living in the US.
“Lotus is a typical flower of Vietnam. It will remind them of their home country,” said Thao.

Meanwhile, Tran Thang from Hai Ba Trung district bought a small clay flower pot to decorate his office desk.    

“It’s hard to distinguish the clay flowers and the natural ones. The flowers are made carefully and eye-catching,” said Thang.

The attractive, affordable, easy-to-maintain and permanent clay flowers have contributed to refreshing people’s lives.-VNA.
Phùng Thị Phương Chi source