Belgium funds upgrade of Cau Ngoi canal in Ninh Thuan hinh anh 1A section of the newly upgraded Cau Ngoi canal (Photo: VNA)

Ninh Thuan (VNA) – The authorities in the south-central province of Ninh Thuan has completed a project on expanding and reinforcing the local Cau Ngoi canal with funding from the Belgian government.

With a length of nearly 7.2 km, the canal runs from Thanh Hai commune in Phan Rang – Thap Cham city to Dam Nai in Khanh Hai town in Ninh Hai district, supplying water for thousands of local families and ensuring irrigation for over 2,682 ha of land. Before the recent upgrade, many sections of Cau Ngoi were damaged, causing water loss in the dry season and flood in the rainy season.

Beginning in July 2018, the Cau Ngoi project was part of a Belgian-funded programme on water management and urban development amid climate change in Ninh Thuan. It cost a total of 180 billion VND (7.74 million USD), of which 145 billion VND was sourced from the Belgian Government’s non-refundable aid.

The project has reinforced 6.7km of the canal, built roads along its two banks, and constructed 46 water drains and four new bridges to facilitate locals’ transport of farm produce.

Paul Jansen, Belgian Ambassador to Vietnam, said the construction brings direct benefits for residents via reducing risks of flooding, sanitation and health problems as well as mitigating climate change impacts.

He hoped the local authorities and people will manage and protect the canal for its effective and sustainable operation.

In the past decade, Belgium has provided the province with 32 million EUR in non-refundable aid to carry out five projects under the programme.-VNA