A bell-tower in Dong Loc T-junction, the central province of Ha Tinh , which is dedicated to 10 young female volunteers who died at the site in the resistance war against US aggressors was inaugurated on January 2.

Addressing the function, Politburo member and head of the Party Central Committee Information and Education Commission To Huy Rua praised Ha Tinh province, Lao dong (Labour) Newspaper, Dau Tu (Investment) Newspaper and the National Political and Administrative Academy for their joint initiative to build the tower.

The Dong Loc T-junction, which played a vital role in the transport of necessities and ammunitions from the north to the south during the US war, is well-known for the story of 10 young female volunteers, all of them were unmarried, who sacrificed their lives to ensure transport on the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

The construction of the bell tower, which cost 24 billion VND (1.2 million USD) represents people’s gratefulness to the sacrifice of the soldiers for national independence.

The seven-floor tower includes a six-tonne bronze bell, which is 3.6m high with a diameter of 1.92m./.