Binh Duong Customs Department was chosen by the General Department of Customs as a pilot unit in applying and launching the national one-door customs mechanism, including declaration, receipt, exchanges and feedbacks of information on the national one-door customs portal.

According to the Binh Duong online, the department is eager to apply new technology to cut time and cost for businesses and stands ready to instruct enterprises how to use their new system.

The project of building and launching e-customs programme and national one-door customs mechanism, which helps modernise the Vietnam Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System and the Vietnam Customs Information System (VNACCS/VCIS) is supported by the Japanese Government.

The project’s goal is to transfer modernisation system being applied by the Japanese customs sector and agencies to Vietnamese partner. Once transferred, the system will become an effective tool to support Vietnamese customs sector and relevant agencies successfully applying the national one-door customs mechanism.

As a matter of fact, it will create advantages of trade and investment in Vietnam as well as strengthen efficiency in the State management in general and the State management on customs in particular.

Applying VNACCS/VCIS into Vietnamese Customs sector is a high determination of the Vietnamese Government, the Finance Ministry and the General Department of Customs. With strong determination,Binh Duong Customs has actively launched test of VNACCS/VCIS system.

Binh Duong Customs invited software enterprises to co-host training classes on VNACCS/VCIS system for about 2,000 local companies. In addition, Binh Duong Customs’ leaders have held activities to help businesses learn about benefit and importance of the project.

At this moment, enterprises have been given consultancies on completing customs declaration on the VNACCS/VCIS system at Binh Duong Customs’ branches. Customs agencies’ assistance has helped businesses master and positively participate in the test. Especially, Binh Duong Customs and software companies are ready to help companies to take part in this system.

Binh Duong Customs’ vice head Nguyen Truong Giang said “After training, nearly 2,000 businesses voluntarily register to apply the VNACCS/VCIS system. To learn and listen to business community’s ideas relating to advantages and disadvantages of the system, Binh Duong Customs’ leaders paid visits to businesses to hear their aspiration and solve their problems.

Masumoto Kazuya, Vice General Director of Maruichi Sun Steel Company in Di An town said “Over the past time, the provincial agencies, especially customs sector, have facilitated investors’ procedure completion. Our company will double output of import and export commodities in the coming time. We hope that local customs sector will continue to solve difficulties for businesses.”

In March, 2014, Binh Duong Customs will organise three dialogues with foreign businesses to solve obstacles relating to customs procedures.-VNA