The southern central province of Binh Thuan invested approximately 459 billion VND (21.8 million USD) in a project to develop its electricity infrastructure in a bid to connect 77,701 disadvantaged households in remote areas to the national power grid.

According provincial statistics, more than 96 percent of residents are currently connected to the national electricity grid as a result of the province’s programme from 1998-2013 to bring electricity to rural areas.

In extremely remote areas, such as Phu Quy island district, residents use diesel and wind power to generate their own electricity.

The new electricity infrastructure programme will help more than 98 percent of residents have access to electricity by 2015, and 100 percent by 2020. The programme will cost more than 800 trillion VND (38 billion USD).

The Prime Minister issued a decision in November 2012 approving a roadmap on the development of a smart power grid with a number of objectives, including improving the quality and reliability of power supply; contributing to the effective and safe management and use of electricity; increasing the sustainable use of natural resources; ensuring national defence; and protecting the environment, amongst others.-VNA