Book encourages young people to travel more hinh anh 1The front cover of Di Li’s latest book (Source: internet)
Hanoi (VNA) - Famous Vietnamese writer Di Li’s latest book - featuring her notes from adventures in Asia and Europe - was presented to the public late last week.

The work, Va Tuyet Da Roi Ngoai Cua So (And it’s Snowing Outside the Window), was written in the style of traveller’s notes. She describes her interesting meetings, difficulties and experiences in various cities in Asia and Europe that she visited: from Qatar to China, Myanmar, the Republic of Korea, the Netherlands, Hungary and Austria.

She also portrays in the book the life of some Vietnamese people that she met during her travels.  

The 278-page book, published by Writers Association Publishing House, has been praised by critics for providing useful and interesting information about the cultures of different countries and for encouraging young people to travel.

“The book is worth reading, as it encourages young people to be more curious about the world outside,” says writer Duong Thuy.

“Some people think that traveler’ notes are not literature and that writing them is quite easy. However, as more and more Vietnamese travel, everyone should recognize one thing: not everyone who travels can write a book. It’s difficult to write traveller’s notes, as it requires the writer to observe deeply and remember small details, take notes in shorthand, and take pictures quickly. Di Li did it very well,” he says.

Vu Phuong Lien, Director of the Lien Viet Publishing House, who has accompanied Di Li on different trips, said, “Di Li was an excellent guide during our travels together. My trips with her are always interesting, funny and unforgettable. When she wrote about them in the book, I couldn’t help smiling, as I am surprised by her sense of observation,” she says.  

Hasanthi Dissanayake, Ambassador of Sri Lanka to Vietnam and a good friend of Di Li, said at the book launch that she is very impressed by her writing style and hopes that she will write one day a book featuring the culture of Sri Lanka.

Di Li (whose real name is Nguyen Dieu Linh) is one of the most exciting and outgoing of a new generation of Vietnamese authors writing about modern Vietnam and its place in the world. She also works as a teacher and a journalist.

She has released many books, including crime thrillers, horror stories and humorous fiction. Her novel The Black Diamond was translated into English in 2012 and Cocktail was translated in the Netherlands in 2015. During her 10 years of writing, she has published nearly 30 books.-VNA