A set of three books providing in-depth insight into Vietnamese history has been published to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the People's Army (December 22, 1944-2014).

The series, Nhung Vi Tuong Lung Danh Trong Lich Su Dan Toc (Renowned Generals in National History) singled out 60 generals.

They include Ngo Quyen (898-944), the first king of Vietnam's Ngo Dynasty. In the year 938 King Ngo Quyen successfully defeated the Southern Han in the well-known Bach Dang battle field.

Another general mentioned in the book is Ton That Thuyet (1839-1913), the leading mandarin of Emperor Tu Duc of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Thuyet fought strongly against the French colonialists and helped launched the revolutionary Can Vuong movement.

Others generals described include Hoang Van Thai, who had great influence on the formation of the Vietnamese army. He played a big role in resisting the French and later the Americans.

The generals were chosen from four eras - ancient, medieval, recent and modern.

"The books depict the roles of the generals who fought for national independence and freedom," said researcher, Dr. Nguyen Hoang Diep, who co-wrote two of the three books.

The second book of the series, Vo Nguyen Giap Dai Tuong cua Nhan Dan (Vo Nguyen Giap, The People's General) features in detail the life and career of the late General Vo Nguyen Giap.

It was co-written by Diep and researcher Nguyen Phuc Giac Hai from the Vietnamese Research Centre for Potential Human Abilities.

The 100-page book should satisfy the expectations of those who want to learn more about the general, who died a year ago, said Dr. Diep, head of the Centre for Translation, Cultural and Technological Scientific Services, which worked with Tan Viet Books to present the book.

"With more than 316 photos, the book also contains a great volume of information in picture describing the final moments of the General," researcher Diep said.

"It also gathers assessments of the general from numerous newspapers and magazines in the world, such as Le Monde, Le Figaro, The Washington Post, the New York Time."

Researcher Diep said the books would be precious material for Vietnamese film-makers.

The third book of the series, Nhung Tran Khong Chien Tren Bau Troi Vietnam (1965-1975) Nhin Tu Hai Phia (Air Battles in Vietnamese Skies 1965-1975, A Look from Two Sides) is the first of its kind published in Vietnam.

"Generations of veteran Vietnamese pilots nurtured the book," the book's leading author, Lieutenant-general Nguyen Sy Hung, said at a press conference yesterday.

"There were thousands of air battles over Vietnam. The fiercest occurred on April 28, 1975. This is why we find it essential to have a book featuring the air combats in detail," said Hung who joined six veteran pilots who wrote the book.

According to the retired pilot, the book was history-based, objective, humanistic, and opens new angles in the study of military science.

"We closely follow the historical facts to present the truth, no matter who won. We also used books published in the United States and Russia to provide an objective overview of the war," Hung said.

"The books are not only historical annals, they feature famous figures and heroic pilots from the US and Vietnam.

"One American soldier returned to Vietnam in 2012 on the 40th anniversary of the 12 days and nights of the Hanoi – Dien Bien Phu air battle.

Before he left for Vietnam, his mother asked him to search for the man who shot down his airplane 40 years ago to convey her thanks. She was grateful that he had shot down the plane but left her son alive,” Hung said. Hung said the authors planned to also publish the book in English.-VNA