The bordering district of Tra Linh in the northern border province of Cao Bang has successfully turned the native tangerines into a key commodity, helping lift local residents out of poverty.

Tra Linh tangerine has long been famous for its quality and thus fetching high prices. One hectare of Tra Linh tangerines could bring in one billion VND (46,830 USD) in revenue.

According to Duong Van Lam, Vice Chairman of Tra Linh District People’s Committee, the district along with the provincial Department of Science and Technology developed the “Restoring, preserving and developing Tra Linh tangerine” project to assist locals with techniques of caring and preventing diseases for the trees.

Lam said currently the district, which borders China to the north, has around 70 hectares of Tra Linh tangerines, mainly located in communes Cao Chuong, Quang Han and Hung Quoc town but the area is expected to increase to 100 hectares in 2015.

According to Lam, Tra Linh tangerines are sold for around 30,000 VND (1.4 USD) for each kilogram at the gardens and the price can reach as much as 100,000 VND (4.68 USD) per kilogram in the days approaching Tet.

Another project to develop a collective brand for Tra Linh tangerines is underway in order to help raise the value of the fruit.-VNA