Breakthroughs in foreign policy enhance Vietnam’s prestige in int’l arena hinh anh 1Journalist Gaston Fiorda, an expert on Southeast Asian affairs for the Argentine national radio station (R) (Photo: VNA)
Buenos Aires (VNA) - Breakthroughs in Vietnam’s foreign policy have enhanced the confidence and prestige of Vietnam in international friends and partners, journalist Gaston Fiorda, an expert on Southeast Asian affairs for the Argentine national radio station, told Vietnam News Agency (VNA) correspondents in Buenos Aires.

Fiorda emphasised that anywhere in the world, Vietnam always creates serious, clear, frank, sincere, open and friendly relationships. From such a consistent stance and policy, Vietnam has established win-win partnerships  with the world's leading powers, including the US.

According to him, the country’s role and position in international organisations has been improved, demonstrated through its successful term as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council during 2020-2021. Its responsible and active contributions to major international issues, for world peace and prosperity, are the basis for other countries to put their trust in Vietnam.

In addition, Vietnam also has an important voice in many other multilateral organisations, he stated.

For the Latin American region, Fiorda said that Vietnam has always received special affection not only because of its heroic history in the struggle for national independence in the past, but also thanks to its great achievements in the nation building and development cause.

In recent years, Vietnam’s relations with nations in Latin America have been consolidated and expanded continuously, especially in economics, trade and investments, thanks to its flexible, consistent, open and friendly foreign policy.

The Argentine journalist affirmed that the success in Vietnam’s external affairs has been reflected through its fine diplomatic relations with 196 nations and territories, and the Communist Party of Vietnam’s ties with about 120 political parties around the world.

He expressed his hope that with policies adopted during the 13th National Party Congress earlier this year, Vietnam will reap more fruits in the nation development and development, and renewal cause, in which the foreign policy surely continues playing a leading important role./.