In the morning of September 26th, 2020, inside the Cultural Village of Vietnamese ethnic groups (at Dong Mo, Son Tay, Hanoi), hundred of cars and thousands of people gathered to watch the 2020 Vietnam Off-road Cup (VOC 2020) terrain race taking place in 2 days of weekends.

The dry and slightly cold weather of late autumn was almost imperceptible when people stepped into the newly excavated racetrack not long ago. More than 100 off-road cars from racing teams and players gathered which created an exciting atmosphere in the mountainous areas. 

You can see bragging cars showing off massive tires and specially upgraded undercarriage to climb and even speed-racing on the typical hard gravel ground in Son Tay.

In addition to the speed factor, in order to able to finish before the opponents, some tests required riders to be “awake” and have experiences to avoid “fouls” from being deducted or car damage which causes giving up early.

This year, the tournament continues to maintain 4 competition levels (Vietnam Pickup Truck, Basic, Open, Advanced), 10-day time lanes, and 1 Adventure track (taking place on the night of the first day, September 26th). 

This race is very traditional, not only an always unexpected challenge for athletes attending but also an unforgettable experience where the opponents become teammates and compete in groups in the spirit of “the test is only completed when the whole group finishes”. 

Another new point is that from the 2020 tournament, the athletes participating in the VOC competition will be granted the racing license by the organizing committee (Otofun License). This racing license contains the athletes and competition vehicle’s personal information, making registration procedures in Otofun’s racing system (including terrain racing and gymkhana) simple in the next tournaments.

Despite just passing the first day of competition, the VOC 2020 has left a big impression in the fans’ hearts along with the real challenges for racing teams./.