Building “Culture of Health” to cultivate happiness in workplace

Besides policies on salary, income and training, ensuring physical and mental health for workers is one of the highlights of TH Group’s human resource policies.
Building “Culture of Health” to cultivate happiness in workplace ảnh 1TH Group’s “Run to the Sun 2023” is a humane and meaningful activity that aims to promote community connection. (Photo: Ta Hien/Vietnam+)

Hanoi (VNA) - Besides policies on salary, income and training, ensuring physical and mental health for workers is one of the highlights of TH Group’s human resource policies.

On January 8, the sunflower field in Nghia Dan district, the central province of Nghe An "woke up" earlier than usual. As the flowers were turning to face the morning sun, thousands of TH Group's officers and employees were ready to participate in the group’s second running race called "Run to the Sun 2023”.

Beyond an internal activity, this year's run attracted local people, aiming to spread a healthy lifestyle and the corporate culture of "putting people in the centre."

Spread spirit of connectivity

Pham Duong Cam, an employee of Nui Tien Pure Water, Herbs and Fruit Water Factory got up very early and arrived at the sunflower field before sunrise. He was eager to participate in the run with his colleagues.

Previously, Cam used to work in five companies in different positions including construction engineering, cashier, and electrical engineering. However, only until he started working for TH Group, could he feel an inspiring working environment.

“TH Group operates with the principle of building ‘true happiness,’ attaching importance to developing human values. After working hours, we can participate in many meaningful team-building activities. This run is an example,” Cam said.

For workers like Cam, joining fitness activities is an opportunity to build a healthy lifestyle, connect with members of the company, arouse pride in the company, and raise awareness of the company's culture.

Cam said that compared with his old companies, his income level at TH Group is not necessarily higher but the values he receives at TH Group cannot be measured in money terms.

“The working environment at TH Group is very civilized. Colleagues and leaders are so nice and friendly. I am really happy with my job here. In addition, there are professional training sessions where we can learn about soft skills and the positive energy that trainers inspire. What impressed me most is the message 'if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together'," said Cam.

Building “Culture of Health” to cultivate happiness in workplace ảnh 2Cao Du, staff of the maintenance department at the TH True Milk Dairy Factory. (Photo: Minh Thu/Vietnam+)

Cao Du, an employee of the processing and maintenance department of TH True Milk Factory, is also very interested in the skill training courses and is most impressed with the slogan "Be number one in your field." 

He carried that spirit to the race and finished third in the 5km category.

“I didn't expect that I could win an award because I only participated for fun and tried my best. This is a very meaningful activity that encourages employees to exercise to improve their health. We workers welcome such activity very much.

Through such occasions, we feel happiness in our workplaces. When I have to take a leave for personal business, I usually have only a day off and return to work soon,” Du shared.

The run also attracted many foreign employees, including Rose Koini, a Kenyan national from TH School. Talking with VietnamPlus reporters, she excitedly said that organising the run is a great idea to raise solidarity and encourage employees to practice healthy lifestyles. 

Building “Culture of Health” to cultivate happiness in workplace ảnh 3Fitness activities offer opportunities to build a healthy lifestyle, connect company members, arouse pride in the business, and raise awareness of corporate culture. (Photo: Ta Hien/Vietnam+)

“I know that TH Group is very large and operates in many industries. Coming to this race, I can meet with staff from other factories. We are all very excited and happy. I find this activity fully reflects TH's spirit of 'true happiness', said Rose Koini.

Not only for the group’s employees, the run was also open to family members and friends of the employees.

Japanese national Yusuke Oku and his wife participated in the run after being invited by one of his friends who is working at TH Group. The couple impressed other runners as they were in Japanese kimonos while running.

“We are very impressed with the route running through the sunflower field. Beautiful scenery, very relaxing, comfortable atmosphere. This is the first time we participate in this race. I will register again next year,” said Yusuke Oku.

Building “Culture of Health” to cultivate happiness in workplace ảnh 4Yusuke Oku and his wife run through the sunflower field. (Photo: Ta Hien/Vietnam+)

The Japanese "runner" affirmed that the race with thousands of participants created an exciting atmosphere around the town. It also helped many people know about the vast sunflower field in Nghe An.

Building a 'culture of health'

To attract the participation of a large number of employees, TH Group has built a health training movement in recent years. Accordingly, the TH Runner and Biker Club was established to create a running and cycling movement in the employee community.

Building “Culture of Health” to cultivate happiness in workplace ảnh 5To attract the participation of a large number of employees in the running race, TH Group has built a health training movement in recent years. (Photo: Ta Hien/Vietnam+)

In 2022, TH Group and its member companies organised a lot of activities such as the "TH Lands" cycling tournament in which the group’s workers cycled through the lands where TH Group is present including Vietnam, Australia, and Russia to show their pride in working for TH Group.

Additionally, the group also held tournaments such as "Race to Raise" to promote TH Group’s "Culture of Health". Each kilometre (after calculating the weekend running coefficient) is converted into 1,000 VND to raise funds to sponsor tuition and living expenses for children whose parents died of COVID-19.

Nguyen Le Thang, Deputy General Director in charge of Cultivation in AGITECH - a unit of TH Group, Chairman of Runner and Biker TH Club, said: “To organise the 'Run to the Sun’, we started to develop a plan two months ago. Sunflowers were also planted to create a beautiful running route to attract people.”

To select standard running routes of 5km, 10km, and 21km, club members also had to test various routes to choose the best option to make sure that there were no repetitions that cause boredom for athletes, while the route still ran through TH Group's best attractions such as sunflower fields, corn fields with a giant hand, wide grassy hill, and dairy farm areas.

Tran Thi Quyen, Human Resources Director of TH Group shared that "human resources" is one of the six most important pillars in TH Group's philosophy of sustainable development. In addition to policies on salary, income, working environment, training, and human resource development, the policy on physical and mental health care for employees is one of the highlights of the human resource policy of the group.

Building “Culture of Health” to cultivate happiness in workplace ảnh 6Tran Thi Quyen, HR Director of TH Group. (Photo: courtesy of TH Group)

Every year, TH Group organises many activities, which receive positive feedback from employees. These activities not only promote a healthy lifestyle but also build a "culture of health" so the group’s employees are closer to each other and committed at work.

“The running race held in the capital of TH Group in Nghe An province will help employees better understand its dairy project, the hallmarks of high technology, and the achievements that the group and its member companies have achieved,” said Quyen.

The HR director of TH Group emphasised that the group's development orientation is steadfastly towards the best health care for the community, including its employees, creating an ecosystem in the safe food industry. "We pursue sustainable development through the principle of "Treasure Mother Nature, she will give you everything," she said./.

The "Run to the Sun 2023" of TH Group starts at a picturesque sunflower field at hill C10. 

The running track passes works that mark imprints of TH Group and the TH dairy farming and milk processing project. TH farm complex consists of three clusters, nine farms, and fields for raising nearly 70,000 dairy cows. This is the starting point of a closed and circular production chain, from growing raw materials, raising dairy cows, and producing clean fresh milk. Thanks to the optimal raising process, dairy cows from TH farms produce the highest milk output in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. During peak season, the average milk output reaches 35 liters per head per day, equivalent to nearly 11,000 liters per head per cycle of 305 days.

Running on one of the most beautiful and impressive running tracks in Vietnam, TH staff will deeply understand the story of the golden key created by Labour Hero Thai Huong, Founder, Chairman of TH Group's Strategy Council. To produce international standard products, achieve high productivity in the fields, free up labour for farmers, and tmake Vietnamese agricultural products competitive in the international arena, it is necessary to introduce high technology in agriculture; management science and technology must go hand in hand.

Working at one of the best workplaces in Asia, TH Group employees are taken care of both physically and mentally. They do exercise together during breaks, enjoy nutritious meals, and join a detox programme at the beginning of a week. They are also assisted to quit and reduce smoking. They are encouraged to participate in green living programmes, sports activities, team building activities and charity works. 

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