Cambodian National Assembly Chairman Heng Samrin on October 10 stated that the legislature as well as the ruling Cambodian People’s Party always keep the door wide open for the opposition Cambodian National Rescue Party to join in.

The statement, aimed at ensuring democracy with the participation of the parties that win seats at the NA, further said if the 55 parliamentarians of the CNRP take part in the meetings of the legislature, there will be changes at the leadership of the NA as well as other positions in its nine committees.

However, the changes must be made through negotiations between the two parties and the decision making side will be the CPP.

At a meeting between the two parties in late September, the CPP raised an idea that CNRP parliamentarians can hold one post of vice chairman of the NA, four posts of head and five posts of deputy head of the NA’s nine committees.

However, the opposition turned down the offer and maintained the stance that it must hold the NA chairmanship, or it will continue to boycott the legislature.

Also on October 10, the new Cambodian NA convened its first plenary session without the participation of the 55 CNRP parliamentarians.-VNA